+ How long do lamps take to make?

     - Orders are shipped 1-3 days after email confirmation

+ How do you control the light

     - Pendant lighting (standard)

            On/Off switch located midway along cord length

     - LED lighting option 

            Brightness, strobe, fade, smooth, and color options and on/off     

            capabilities controlled by remote 

           This option does not require a power source, AAA are included        

            with purchase  


+ Are lamps safe

     - Lamps are embellished paper lanterns. 

     - Minimal risk of fire

     - Keep away from fireplaces, heat sources,  and candles 

     - Use CFL (compact fluorescent lamps) bulbs, which use 80% less 

        electricity and last longer 

     - LED lighting is waterproof, but we suggested you do not submerge     

       lamps in water

     - Use at your own risk 


+ How do I hang my Lamp 

     - All lamp orders include two hooks to be installed in the ceiling and       

       wall to help organize cords if needed

            Pendant lighting - hang one hook from ceiling and one hook 

            along wall to make cord handling clean and simple 

            LED lighting - Clear nylon string included with purchase


+ Materials used in Lamps 

     - Card Stock paper

     - Art Foam 

     - Cloud lamps uses Hypo allergic natural fibre, made from a blend of     

        siliconized polyester fibers

     - Adhesive 


+ Shipping 

     - Process Time 

          1 to 3 days after email confirmation unless specified 

     - Shipping Info

          I use USPS for all shipping needs

          I can use UPS or Fedex if preferred 

          *if requested cost might be higher

     - How long does shipping take

           3 to 7 business days 

     - Can I get express shipping 

           Yes, email and I will send you an invoice for overnight shipping 


     - Does standard shipping include insurance 

           Yes, USPS offers up to $50 of insurance on package

     - Do you ship Internationally 

           Yes, international shipping takes 6-8 weeks to arrive

           Any custom or imported taxes are the responsibility of the 



+ Returns and Exchanges 

     -  I am currently not accepting returns 

     -  Exchanges are allowed if products are damaged   


+ Fragile Lamps

     - Lamps are fragile

     - Paper lamps can be hand manipulated upon arrival if smooshed or   

       altered during shipping, email for instructions

     - Cloud lamps may get smashed or manipulate during shipping    

        process, you can carefully reshape cloud with hands, 


+ Disclaimers 

     - Use all products at your own risk

     - Warning: To avoid danger of suffocation, keep any plastic bag and     

       packing materials away from babies and children. Do not use this 

       bag in cribs, beds, carriages, or playpens. This bag is not a toy.”