Hi! It's Me


The world was never the same once I arrived in San Francisco 17, feisty and ready to raise hell.

I attended the Art Institute of California where I studied Graphic Design. It was a technology-based art school and I did my best to absorb knowledge that was beyond my major. I left college with a grin on my face ready to share my skills and talents with the world and ended up juggling 3 waitressing jobs, living in a 500 sq studio apartment and allowing my creative brain to wither away. I replaced my love for art with an aggressive addiction to food and my weight skyrocketed to over 350 pounds.

Fast forward a few years later, I found confidence, disciple and an exercise bike. 150 pounds lighter I could no longer ignore my passion for traveling or silence my life purpose of creating art. I did something crazy, I quit my job to travel the world. On my first adventure, I visited 6 countries, 2 continents and an unspeakable number of museums, art exhibits, and cathedral tours. I witnessed and cheered for breathtaking sunsets off the coast of Santorini and even got to hung a few rocks near Stonehenge.

I found myself while traveling to different places, emerging myself in different cultures, educating myself on different traditions. I made sure to gathering trinkets and rocks from each place to remember not only the beauty of the land but the energy that it possessed. I still vividly remember roaming through cobblestone streets of Italy by myself exploring, making friends and trying every type of pizza I came in contact with.

When I finally stopped spinning and decided It was time to build something of my own, I knew I had to sell art. One night had a dream about creating art with fire with materials I already owned. Like a scene in a movie, I woke up, gathered my materials, took a mirror off the wall and set it ablaze. I staid up the rest of the night trying different techniques.

I’ve been a full-time fire artist for the last 4 years, selling my art at festivals, galleries, events, and anywhere else they will allow me to talk about my unique technique. I am currently in 2 retail stores and am actively looking to expand my retail presence.

I also work at the Museum of Children’s Art in Oakland teaching Art to Kids in the Oakland and surrounding School Districts.

As if I’m not busy enough, I’m also the Director of Marketing for Lohikaarme Interiors & Design. Bringing my knowledge of social media marketing along with my creative abilities we are creating dream interiors for residents and corporations in the Bay Area and beyond.

A little more about me, I love drawing with sharpies, writing, and exercise. My goal in life is to keep traveling while constantly changing my perspective. I’m a powerhouse that’s just stepping into her power.